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Look what my friend sent me :D















So… who is going to try to make out some words? 

TBD? What could that stand for?

TBD means ‘To Be Determined’ as in the don’t have a title for this episode yet. 

Yeah, thanks, I’ve been informed, and my stupidness is now being spread across the fandom. Lol.

I got bored and ran it through photoshop. You can’t make out much of anything as the photo quality is so low, but the top is definitely scene setting and it looks like (from the starting letters I can make out/the number of letters in a word) that the first lines for the season belong to Beckett, Espo and Ryan. 

But I’d hardly say any of that is a surprise.



In case anyone wants to zoom in and stare at blurry, vague B and E’s. You also get a nice view of the white out they used to keep us away from the really good stuff. Snort.

Reblogging for the last note.

(And above that, not stupid, we’ve all had that happen at least once. I sure have!)

Not surprised about the first lines of the season belonging to Beckett, Espo and Ryan. THIS MAKES ME SO EXCITED ANYWAY.

The very first scene starting with Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan makes a lot more send than someone claiming they can make out a conversation with Esposito. Also the white out isn’t covering up dialogue within the script but the writing on the cover that names things like the director and writer and such. If you look at Rob Kryker’s tweet, the white out is in the same place as the writing on Rob’s

It’s one thing to think about what this will do to Beckett, Martha, and Alexis; Castle IS like a brother to R&E…They’re also very protective of Beckett.

Guys, you’re practically just like…

What did you expect from us?

Let’s be honest, we all tried to enhance the image and when we failed we decided to wait for the part of the fandom that has extraordinary photoshop skills. We literally walked away like.


You guys… this fandom… I can’t even…

I love you all.

I guess we’ll have to wait till end of September to find out :(

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